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Andre Philippe responds to Joanna's "joke" about Angelico Vieira

Andre Philippe responds to Joanna’s “joke” about Angelico Vieira

Following the news that Bruno Savate will be commenting on the “O Amor Happen” diary today, Joana Albuquerque responded to a follower’s note on Twitter: “One of these days, TVI is preparing a program on road safety and invites Cabrita to comment‘, in the original message, which has since been deleted.

The Big Brother – Double Impact winner replied: “And Angelico as a guest“.

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After this post and the criticism that emerged, Andre Philippe turned to Instagram Stories to respond to this post: “I liked you very much, no matter if you share my conversations with you, which was a sarcastic joke with you, you sarcasm girl, I noticed that you like to play with sarcasm.He said.

Just don’t touch the names of the people I love and with whom I forbade who are wonderful people who are no longer here and people who are no longer here deserve respect.“he added.

Whether it’s irony, or a joke, whatever its interpretation, you’re not playing with people who are no longer here physically. So, for me, you are canceled!”, concluded the former rival of Big Brother – Revolution.

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