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Andre Ventura "attacks" the Carolina Deslands.  'Women are seriously missing'

Andre Ventura “attacks” the Carolina Deslands. ‘Women are seriously missing’

andré Ventura used his official Twitter account to respond, this Tuesday, 21, to the news that Carolina Deslandes will return in 2022 to the Lisbon and Porto stadiums. However, the intention of the leader of the political party Shiga was not to congratulate the artist, but to criticize her harshly.

“That’s what I said: the cultural landscape is deteriorating before our very eyes. I really miss women, the old fashioned way. What a show they madeAndre Ventura wrote. “A comment that ended up worthy of an answer to Deslands’ letter.

There are three things that make me sure I’m on the right track:

– No Twitter

– Oh [André] Ventura is not like me.

– Don’t be “old-fashioned” and learn how to send c*ck‘, by reading the photo’s caption where you can see André Ventura’s post that sparked controversy.

“I repeat: January twenty-first and twenty-two. But if you’re homophobic, racist, xenophobic and all about that family, don’t come. Thank you,” the singer ends.

In explaining the Carolina Deslandes letter, there were several public figures, including Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Jessica Athayde, Luís Borges or Madalena Abecasis, who supported her and showed that they did not believe André Ventura’s words.

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