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Andre Ventura calls Ricardo Araujo Pereira 'Cooperolas'

Andre Ventura calls Ricardo Araujo Pereira ‘Cooperolas’

The Chega leader will not be in legislative interviews given by the comedian at SIC. Andre Ventura has publicly reacted and called Ricardo Araujo Pereira “Coparolas”.

The “war” between Ricardo Araujo Pereira (RAP) and Andre Ventura is raging, with mischief being announced through the media. It all started last weekend, when it became known that the leader of the Shiga was not among those whom the comedian met on the daily shows about the January 30 legislative elections.

After a weekend of silence, RAP spoke about the content of the daily programs of “Isto É Gozar Com Quem Works”, immediately after “Jornal da Noite”. In an interview with SIC’s “E-Especial,” the screenwriter also explained why André Ventura didn’t go to the show. “Don’t come because I don’t want to, and there’s nothing to say,” defended the comedian, who also called the Chega leader a “grumbler” for his constant criticism of “who’s never been invited.”

Andre Ventura wasted no time. If the RAP chose television cameras to defend his point of view, the lawyer also responded on Twitter: “The presenter is a coward who has been sold to the system, fears that he will be dismantled live,” can be read on the André Ventura social network.

Vitorino Silva and Catarina Martins were the first guests of Ricardo Araujo Pereira.

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