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André Villas-Boas' entry into SAD remains a dead end

André Villas-Boas' entry into SAD remains a dead end

For the second day in a row, lawyers for Andre Villas-Boas and FC Porto SAD were in contact, but according to JN's findings, there was no opportunity for any member of the Blue and White community to resign, or to resign from his position. , leading to the selection of an official with executive functions, as proposed by the President-elect.

The idea will be for José Pedro Pereira da Costa, a member of the André Villas Boas list, to be selected into the SAD so that he can have decision-making authority on several matters and begin preparing the emerging files, especially regarding the case. financial problems. This would be a way for the new board to hit the ground running and save time, because it will only be able to take control of SAD, the entity that runs professional football, at the end of May.

There are currently two important issues: the agreement with Ithaca, which means selling 30% of the economic rights to operate the Estádio do Dragão for 25 years for 65 million euros. Another point of interest is Academia da Maia, a project designed by Pinto da Costa, which means that SAD will have to pay €510,000 by the 12th. This payment is another step towards implementing the work, which has a total cost of 3.4 million euros.

In accordance with the Companies and Securities Law, the Board of Directors of the General Assembly of FC Porto has 21 days, after the new management of the club takes office, to call a shareholders' meeting and elect the new management led by Andre Villas-Boas. This means that until May 28, the president-elect cannot exercise his duties in the SAD and has the independence to make important sporting, economic, financial and commercial decisions.

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Therefore, in order to overcome this time gap, Andre Villas-Boas intends to immediately select technical director José Pedro Pereira da Costa, with executive functions, which should lead to one of the SAD officials of FC Porto leaving or resigning from his position. . However, until now, there is no understanding on how to implement this path.