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Andrea Berg: Duet with these stars for the anniversary

Andrea Berg: Duet with these stars for the anniversary

Even more good news for Andrea Berg’s fans: Recently there was the release of the new single “It’s Do It Again” and the first details of the album of the same name. It is now officially known that he recorded songs with some of the leading stars for his annual festival.

Andrea Berg: She sings duets with these stars

A total of 19 songs are to be added to the album, which will be released on July 29th. There are many duet songs in them. Andrea Berg Giovanni Jarrella, Mighty Kelly, DJ Oatsy, Kerstin Ott, Al Bano Carici, Semino Rosie, Nick P. And recorded songs with Nino de Angelo. But the official press release teases that it is not. Other high quality, international stars are to be added.

Andrea Berg: Is it an annual event with all these stars?

Andrea Berg is already looking forward to her big, two-day anniversary: ​​”I will do it again! That’s why I fulfilled a great wish for my fans and myself: A new album with many dear friends and a great party in my house! We will be celebrating together on July 29th and 30th at Aspach“Did the hit queen indirectly confirm that all of her duet partners would be composing live that weekend? As confirmed on the Giovanni Jarrella show, Kerstin Ott and Maite Kelly are sure.

Fischer, Kabalier & Co .: How big are the hit stars

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