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Andrea gets hurt by farmer's behavior and abandons SIC paid by Luis Vigao - Nacional

Andrea gets hurt by farmer’s behavior and abandons SIC paid by Luis Vigao – Nacional

The environment in Cabeço de Vide, Alto Alentejo, was full of drama with the departure of Mery Cardoso. Andrea Simoes is not happy with the behavior of farmer Luis Vigao, from “Quem Quer Namorar com o A Agriculture”She asked to leave the programme.

The 23-year-old kitchen assistant accuses the Alentejo man of giving her false hope. According to a source connected to the production, the real-life SIC program candidate will have a hard time. “Louis will get very close to Sarah and Tatiana, and end up getting away from Andrea… It seems that she no longer knows how to do anything well, and has never defended her.”

Andrea was getting closer and closer to the farmer and allowed herself to participate. Watching him pay attention to the other contestants broke her heart. “She was falling in love and Louis gave her high hopes, but suddenly she got involved and everything changed.”, the same source is still calculated.

Harm, Fiancé Torres Vedras asked to leave Who Wants to Date a Farmer program, with production doing everything to prevent him from leaving the program, but he ends up being pushed by the farmer. “We didn’t leave her, we asked her to stay for a few more days to try to sort things out, but then she ended up leaving. So out of nowhere, Luis decided to ask her out and Andrea Rodriguez wasn’t there“, reveal.

This sudden departure forever ended up damaging the bond between the two. “Andrea and Louis cut ties. Not even friendship remains, because what happened wasn’t very nice.”, embeds a source for the same post.

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