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Andrea Rodriguez in mourning: "It was early, you were early..."

Andrea Rodriguez in mourning: “It was early, you were early…”

Andrea Rodriguez sad heart The grandfather of the SIC presenter passed away on Easter Sunday last. Still getting used to this absence, he gave him a beautiful and sincere tribute on social media, where he opened his heart to all of his followers.

That’s not what we agreed on, grandfather. But the time has come, and in one breath, your soul has begun a new path. On the day we celebrated the resurrection, the crossing from the material world to the spiritual world, you also left this world, you are a special soul. I know. It’s been weird days, I miss you and you still go. I miss you so much. It was early, you guys were early… It was always early, I wanted more‘, he began to write.

You will live in me, in us, in those who love you, and in those you love. Your beautiful look, your smile, your hug. I know you will keep looking at us and hugging us from above, wherever you are. I see you smile with that sparkle in your eyes. That’s how I see you… you smile, proud, of your great-granddaughters, while you caress Ryo who loves you so much and still loves you.“, he added.

Suddenly you are what you wantI’m trying to calm my soul, we’re all trying. Grandpa John. Here, I promise we will stand firm and keep the memories alive, carrying on the legacy of love you left for us, because that’s how you’ll live in us. We’ll meet one day, until then take care and keep an eye on us! Thank you very much! We love you!‘, he finished.

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