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Andrea Rodriguez reveals she had a third miscarriage

Andrea Rodriguez reveals she had a third miscarriage

Andrea Rodriguez was in conversation with Julia Pinheiro on the first Tuesday of June, an interview that kicked off with the new season of “Quem Quer Namorar com o Aggregor?”.

Andrea Rodriguez, who became a mother for the second time in two and a half months, highlighted that she took her daughters with her on this adventure. The girls, the presenter’s mother and the person who helps take care of the children accompany Andrea on the coordination recordings. In addition to the fact that he breastfeeds his youngest daughter Ines.

“I think we’ve come up with our formula. I always go early, trying to do things in a way that makes it easy. If I have to be ready for a shoot at 4pm, I arrive an hour early to get dressed and put on makeup, to complete my little one, what I still drink milk to leave in case I feel like eating earlier and haven’t finished scoring.” “When we love what we do, I think it’s all over“he added.

A conversation that led Andrea Rodrigues to talk about her third miscarriage, this time before she became pregnant with little Ines, another difficult period in her life. Remember that the presenter and her husband, Daniel Oliveira, are also Alice’s parents. Before the eldest daughter, the presenter has already lost two children.

Yes, I had another pregnancy loss. For me, honestly, it was different. I heard you were pregnant, I guess, by chance. There were things that weren’t right anymore, and I thought that was a little weird, meaning that this wasn’t normal either,” he recalls.

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“It took me a while to get pregnant the first time. Even when I had a loss, it took me a while. So I wasn’t expecting it to be so fast. When we made the decision, it came a month after the positive test that actually didn’t go ahead.“, He said.

I realized something wasn’t right and thought I should buy a test. I took the test and it was positive. It was a mixture [de emoções] Because I was so happy, but at the same time I knew something wasn’t right. I was already having some losses and talked to my obstetrician, she explained what was going on and said I was in a state of mind so this pregnancy wouldn’t progress. I said I had to prepare myself and that if it was for the best, then it is what it should be and I would accept it.”

However, “He was completely at ease until he later realized that unlike other abortions, This was a miscarriage“.”[A natureza] have been solved”.

I cried while I was sad, because even if someone thinks things won’t go well, there is hope that makes us dream and imagine the future. Hence it is important to say goodbye to the future we dreamed of. I bid this farewell“I acknowledge.

About the pregnancy of Ennis, who was born last March, she recalled that she experienced this “very closed” phase.

I protected myself as much as I could because that was the way I had to protect Ines, but I usually say I think it was Ennis who came to protect us. I like to believe that things just don’t happen. The fact that Inês was inside of me made me protect my mother, my daughter, my husband, all the people around us, me… If you weren’t in our lives, we might have made it easier,” he shares.

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