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Android 11 Google smartphones

Android 11 dominates Google’s schedules in 2022 and the latest version doesn’t even appear

The distribution of Android versions is not unnatural, albeit undesirable. There are still many versions to use, which cause problems for users, brands, and even for Android and Google itself.

This fragmentation will be something that will remain for many years to come and is unlikely to be broken. Evidence for this is now emerging in the numbers provided, which highlight the dominance of Android 11, with version 12 details not yet known.

The data that Google has now provided is interesting and clearly demonstrates the scenario we find on Android. The scope of version 11 of this system, and the most recent, overall, is something that reveals itself as a positive development for this system and for its users.

Interestingly, it appears that Google has canceled the subscription to Android 12 and has not provided data on this version. Of course, its position remains low, but the search giant thus avoids less positive speculation or analysis.

Android 11 Google smartphones

Concretely, we have Android 11 and above in full range and claim 28.3%, up from 24.2% in previous data. This should be a number that will grow over the next few months until the next version is released and new updates come out for older models.

The list follows in a well-defined order, with 23.9% in the previous versions in the case of the Q version, and 16.2% in the P version. From that point on, the versions lose engagement and are increasingly close to disappearing.

Android 11 Google smartphones

This increase in the share of Android 11 and above should be a result of the strategy of brands such as Samsung. You have decided to extend support to older models that support the current version of the Google system, thereby receiving the necessary update.

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These are the numbers that correspond to what the Google system provided. Android 11 dominates, but soon the top will be delivered to version 12, in its various aspects.