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Android 12 offers functions long awaited by users

Android 12 offers functions long awaited by users

Android 12 is currently in beta 4, and the final version is expected to be available in the next few days. However, it is the latest beta version of the operating system showing a long-awaited novelty.

Android 12 finally brings global search to the smartphone

One of the most important news in the fourth beta of Android 12 is its new search system. Strictly speaking, this now includes the entire smartphone, making life easier for its users.

This means that you will be able to search for contacts, apps, shortcuts, files, and more from the same place. A springboard capable of taking you to any corner or feature of your smartphone with Android 12.

This is a novelty that is taking a long time to be implemented in pure Android. Many smartphone brands are already using it in their interfaces and even iOS has had something similar, known as Spotlight, for several years.

Currently only available in the Pixels app drawer

It should be noted that this novelty is only accessible on rooted Pixel smartphones. This means that it takes some technical knowledge to unlock early access to this functionality.

Once unlocked, the user will only be able to access this comprehensive search system through the app drawer of their smartphone. If you use the Google search tool on the home screen, you will be taken to a web search.

Android 12

Right now, you can search for acronyms, people, definitions, and tips. There are already four categories available in this new search system, giving the user the ability to enable or disable them according to their needs.

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As in other cases, the search system will offer some suggestions as you complete the command. Depending on the date, you will be given quick access to your most used apps or contacts.

The news is that Google is working on adding more categories to the new search system Android 12. These categories may be available when the operating system is available to most users.

This is undoubtedly one of the great news of Android 12. Although it is not a new or revolutionary feature for the market, it will be refreshing for everyone who uses the Google operating system on a daily basis.

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