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Android Auto 11.3 is here and brings Google AI surprise

Android Auto 11.3 is here and brings Google AI surprise

Google is betting big on its systems and Android Auto ends up taking advantage of this situation. There are more and more new features and improvements, with new versions coming out quickly. The latest version, Android Auto 11.3, introduces a new feature that aligns this proposition with what the market offers in an increasingly accelerated way.

Android Auto Google AI new

Android Auto offers something new for everyone

Since deciding to revamp Android Auto, Google has packed it with improvements and new features with each new version. This eventually gave rise to a new interface, which completely changes the way this suggestion is used that helps any driver in his daily journeys.

As the new proposals developed, Google ended up looking at what it was preparing in other areas. This is the future, but it is already here and ready to use, offering users the best of what they deserve and need.

In the case of Android Auto 11.3, Google ended up focusing the only big new feature on one spot. This version was tested for only a few weeks in the beta channel and now it is reaching everyone in a widespread way. As we mentioned previously, we talk about the presence of artificial intelligence in this solution.

Android Auto Google AI new

Google's AI arrives to help drivers

Artificial intelligence is arriving now, having seen another tweak to the Android Auto interface. From what you can already see in the settings, and in the image above, there is a new option, which will make the artificial intelligence provide the user with summaries of incoming messages.

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Although it is already available, this option is not already active. Users need to access Android Auto settings and activate it, simply by changing the position of the switch associated with this new option introduced by Google.

Android Auto 11.3 is now available for anyone who wants to update to the new version. Just search for the new version in the Google App Store and install it, like any other app. Only then can they try to evaluate this new AI-based option.