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Android Auto 9.3 is now available!  Find out what’s new in this release

Android Auto 9.3 is now available! Find out what’s new in this release

Android Auto is one of the best Google tools for cars and smartphones. This union creates a solution that everyone wants to use in their vehicles. To continue what it was preparing for, Android Auto 9.3 now appears. Learn about everything this version has to offer.

Google has been focusing its attention on Android Auto in recent months. It completely changed its interface and made other important improvements for everyone. It arrives slowly and in stages, assuring everyone that it is ripe and ready to use without any problems.

In the latest version, marked 9.3, Android Auto does not receive many noticeable, but still significant new features. Google has focused on the stability and performance of its solution to assist drivers in a variety of areas.

Something that can be seen in this update is that the Coolwalk interface continues to expand to more users, in a process that has been going on for several months now. Google has very limited control over this process in order to ensure the quality of your presentation.

Another novelty that now appears in the first steps is the possibility to choose which application Android Auto will open when it is launched. For now, it ties into a navigation app, but soon it could be Spotify or another user's preference.

More was expected from this release, with some new features being delayed without any justification. The presence of a weather forecast is one of those expected news, after it was removed from Android Auto by Google some time ago.

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Anyone who wants to test the new version of Android Auto can find it right now in the play store from the Google system. If it is not already offered, you can choose to access this version directly.