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Android fingerprint problems?  solution in the nose and forehead

Android fingerprint problems? solution in the nose and forehead

The use of fingerprints on Android smartphones is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a simple and secure way to authenticate users and keep smartphones protected. Something that has now been discovered comes to the aid of those who have problems using fingerprint on Android. The solution is in the user’s nose or forehead.

Problems with fingerprints on Android?

For Android smartphones and beyond, biometric sensors provide security that goes beyond a regular PIN or pattern. It is already present in lower-end devices, which shows how the cost of this solution is getting lower and lower.

With some issues identified, there is still room for improvement in several areas and one of them has now been identified. basic Reddit postrevealed the case of using the fingerprint on the Google Pixel 7. Interestingly, in addition to the problem, it also revealed the solution, which is very curious to many.

solution in the user's nose, forehead, or hair

From what he revealed, the way to get around the fingerprint reading problem was to simply touch the side of his nose with his finger. In particular, passing the area that will be used for authentication solved the problem.

What was thought to be a simple isolated case, with a solution that looked more like a fable, turned out to be quite common. As ideas are increasingly discussed and shared, more solutions for Android are finally emerging. And running your finger across your forehead or hair makes fingerprint reading more reliable.

Google has already recognized the issue in the past

In fact, the explanation for this situation is very simple. When you run your finger over your nose, forehead, or hair, your finger is lubricated with the skin's natural oils. This step makes it easier for the Android optical reader to capture your fingerprint. In the case of an ultrasonic sensor, this problem does not exist.

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Google is already in the past I confess That there may be problems with dry fingers on their smartphones. This can cause the fingerprint reader to not be able to correctly recognize the fingerprint in these situations. It's certainly not the "cleanest" solution, but it's enough to wet a finger to solve the problem.