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Android TV continues to grow.  More than 110 million users

Android TV continues to grow. More than 110 million users

While gadgets like the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku are still very popular globally, there’s no doubt that Android TV keeps gaining ground. Nowadays, there are already many gadgets and smart TVs that integrate Google’s operating system meant for large screens.

Proof of this is the latest statements by a representative of the Mountain View giant to the 9to5Google website, which revealed that Android TV currently has more than 110 million active users.

These are very interesting numbers, especially if we take into account that in May last year the company confirmed the 80 million mark.

Chromecast and TCL Smart TV are largely responsible for the growth of Android TV

According to the data provided by the latest report, the two products that contributed most to this growth were Chromecast with Google TV and the various models of TCL Smart TV devices that also come with the company’s operating system.

Given the significant improvements that Android TV has received over the past few years, it is expected that these numbers will continue to grow at a rapid pace, especially since Google announced the arrival of Android TV 12 last month.

However, we are still waiting for information about new features as well as possible release dates.

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