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Andromeda OS is installed on Lumia 950 and it shows what your new Windows Phone will look like

Andromeda OS is installed on Lumia 950 and it shows what your new Windows Phone will look like

A beta version of the Andromeda operating system was found and installed on a Lumia 950, which is able to show how much Microsoft’s work has been done. The operating system was supposed to be a version of Windows Phone for two-screen devices, but it was canceled by the company to replace the software with Android.

When the world was still supporting a third operating system trying to take its place in the sun, Windows Phone (formerly Windows Mobile) took that place. Nokia was basically the only company using this software and Microsoft was still working on versions to completely renew their software. One of these projects was called Andromeda OS.

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Surface Duo 2 (Photo: publicity/Microsoft)

This Microsoft operating system will be responsible for some kind of reboot of Windows Phone, which is no longer working well and has begun to move to mobile phones with two screens, such as the Surface Duo. Windows Central I was able to install a beta version of Andromeda on my Lumia 950, even with some limitations due to the aspect ratio – since this system was made for two screens, in a more square format rather than a Lumia rectangular format.

A lot of Andromeda OS went to Android from Surface Duo

The functional part of Andromeda OS shows that a lot of the work Microsoft thought about its hardware with this system, has been ported to Android currently running on the Surface Duo. The main part is the peek, which shows the clock and the date when the user unlocked a small part of the device, only revealing a corner of the screen.

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Another is the experience of using the laptop system. It’s always active on Andromeda OS and has become an Android app, now available in the Microsoft Store. The idea is very similar to what the Galaxy Note does: start writing something with the stylus and save the content to the device.

Looking back at the Surface Duo, the same interface was developed for opening apps in the background initially for Andromeda OS. In both programs, simply swipe your finger from bottom to top on the bottom edge of the phone to see which programs are running in the background.

For the rest, the appearance of the Andromeda operating system is very reminiscent of Windows Phone. This means a list of apps with dynamic tiles that survived until Windows 10 on PCs. Another similar point with PCs is in the Control Center, available by swiping down from the top of the screen.

There you can set features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or turn on Airplane mode. On a PC, these quick tweaks are located in the lower right corner by clicking on the clock in the toolbar. It was also introduced in Windows 11, but with a more modern look and rounded corners.

via: Engadget.

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