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Angelica Jordao is targeted with lies and threats after her daughter's ashes are stolen

Angelica Jordao is targeted with lies and threats after her daughter’s ashes are stolen

aNgélica Jordão is living a real nightmare since noon on Saturday, 29. On the way to Fatima, where she was heading to pray for her daughter, the former competitor of “A Quinta” and “Casa dos Segredos” stopped in Gaia and saw her child’s ashes stolen from Sophia Souza’s car – That accompanied her on the trip.

After using social media to make many desperate pleas to return the baby’s ashes, and even offer to pay a reward, Angelica has been a victim of lies, false information, jokes, and even threats.

“They want to throw my daughter’s ashes into the river,” the young woman says, crying when she revealed that she was receiving a message from someone who said she knew where the jar was.

He later said, “This is a lie. It’s taking money from me,” referring to this situation and other messages he had received.

Angelica also ended up receiving a suggestion from someone who claimed to be giving her daughter’s pitcher in exchange for sex, later the person who sent her letters ended up admitting that he was “playing”.

Angelica herself has reported various cases to the police.

Be merciful and be merciful. Pity, it’s the only thing I have at the moment. Do not do this, Recalls the former Casa dos Segridos in a set of videos where he appears, once again, shrouded in tears.

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