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Angelica Jordao's desperate plea

Angelica Jordao’s desperate plea

aNjelika Jordan lives a new nightmare. After losing her daughter at about 24 weeks pregnant and “quarreling” to get the hospital to give her the baby’s body to be able to carry out the funeral service, the former contestant of “Casa dos Segredos – O Reencontro” saw the ashes of Loa being stolen from the trunk of his car.

They stole my daughter’s ashes, please, please, bring her backIn the videos shared on her official Instagram account, she appeals deeply to Angelica.

“Please, please, I just want you to return it. Ask for money, I will pay,” he asserts, asking everyone who took his belongings to return the ashes only without even identifying himself.

The box containing the ashes of Angelica Jordao’s daughter© Instagram reproduction / Angélica Jordão

From the car belonging to Sophia Souza, who is also a former competitor of ‘Casa dos Segredos’, other things were taken with the documents and passport of Angelica Jordao – who was preparing to return to Dubai, where she currently lives, in the next few days.

The car that was attacked was parked at Rua de Pinhal in Gaya.

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