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Angelina Jolie did not bathe for three days to shoot with bees

Angelina Jolie did not bathe for three days to shoot with bees

Angelina Jolie managed to impress her fans with her new campaign, which is produced by National Geographic in cooperation with UNESCO. This is specifically a project that aims to raise awareness about bee conservation, within the scope of World Bee Day, in which the actress stands with dozens of bees on her skin.

The production was bold, and in order to achieve it, it took an extra effort by Angelina Jolie, which translated into Three Days Without Bathing.

“It was very funny to straighten my hair, put on makeup and at the same time smear everything with pheromones,” he begins to distinguish.

“I couldn’t shower for three days. They said, ‘If you have a lot of scents and shampoo and perfume, the bees won’t know what you are.’ I think they don’t want the bees to mistake it. I’m for a flower, “he explains.

Preparation was also required in the studio, Angelina Jolie had to put cotton on her nose and ears to prevent bees from entering her body. And even with all the care, one of her superstar partners managed to get into her dress and make life difficult for the actress – who couldn’t move until the pictures were taken.

“It felt like one of those old comics. I felt it on my knees, on my leg and thought,“ This is the worst place to be stung, they come very close. ”The bee was there the whole time while we were doing the rehearsal. Just when they removed all the bees, I lifted my skirt and left, “she says, enjoying and above all, proud of the end result of the production.

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