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Angelina Jolie: - She will withdraw

Angelina Jolie: – She will withdraw

Dishes between the previous Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie, 46, and Brad Pitt, 57, don’t seem to be ending up in the first. Recently it became known that he is the star of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” received joint care To the couple’s six joint children, Shiloh (15) and twins Vivienne & Knox (12), Maddox (19), Zahra (16) and Pax (17).

Reportedly, Jolie chose to appeal the decision CNN.

Now, however, another conflict arose. Julie no longer wants to be a business partner with her ex-husband in the wine industry.

She wants to sell her company Nouvel LLC, which operates in the same company as her ex-husband Mondo Bondo LLC. The company looks after the French castle and vineyard Château Miraval, which she and Pete went on to buy in 2011, according to the Irish independent And the E online.

French wine castle is where the couple married in 2014.

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sticks in wheels

According to court documents, Jolie received an offer from an outside buyer. According to Jolie’s lawyer, the offer of sale must have arisen after lengthy and unsuccessful negotiations between her and her ex-husband. Among other things, Jolie is said to have responded to Pitt’s disregard for her as a business partner.

There is only one problem.

The French Pearl: Château Miraval was built in the 18th century and surrounded by vineyards.  The plot includes several kilometers of land.  Photo: Lionel Cironneau / NTB scanpix
French pearl: Château Miraval was built in the 18th century and surrounded by vineyards. The plot includes several kilometers of land. Photo: Lionel Cironneau / NTB scanpix
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The “Maleficent” star must have an arrangement that prevents her and Pete from making financial decisions that go beyond the other. In the United States, by the way, this is a common part of divorce proceedings. Therefore, Jolie has now petitioned the court with a desire to cancel the scheme.

Buyer can opt out of the sale unless Julie immediately signs an exclusive agreement to sell Nouvel LLC. That’s why she’s so eager to cancel the scheme, something Pete never had to agree to.

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I got rejected

According to Jolie’s lawyer, the parties’ divorce changed the ability to work together as business partners. As mentioned, Jolie is said to have discussed the possibility of selling to Pitt for two years, but talks were terminated because the Oscar winners could not agree on an agreement on the acquisition price.

“After all these years of trying to withdraw from being a business partner with her ex-husband on acceptable financial terms, Jolie is fully prepared to bypass the pending agreement to sell Nouvel LLC. Asks the court to order the scheme to be rescinded and determine that it will not apply to Jolie’s sale of Nouvel LLC,” This was stated in a statement from the star’s lawyer, according to us weekly.

However, at the end of June, Jolie attempted to remove the scheme, but it was rejected because the court considered that there was no evidence of immediate danger, irreparable damage, or immediate loss of property.

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This is not the first time that there has been a problem associated with the French castle and the couple’s vineyard. In 2019, Julie will do Tried to take from the property house, according to InTouch, reproduced by Danish look and listen.

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Angelina had no intention of fighting for the castle. This was his dream project, and he fell in love with it, but she suddenly changed her mind, a source told InTouch at the time.

Furthermore, the source claimed that Jolie realized how important the castle was to her ex-husband, and that she therefore thought about how much it would affect Pete if she took it from him.

This did not happen because she now wants to withdraw from the wine shops with her ex-husband for good.

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