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Angelo Rodriguez: “Why would I pay a fortune for a house in Lisbon when I have what I need here?”

Angelo Rodriguez: “Why would I pay a fortune for a house in Lisbon when I have what I need here?”

Angelo Rodriguez He’s been away from Portugal for a few months, after embarking on a human trial in Nepal. In the Asian country, the actor started Teaching English to monks And from this adventure he made various kinds of reports with his followers.

In recent weeks, Angelo Rodriguez has traveled from Nepal to Cambodia, keeping constant reports on everything he experiences in the Asian regions.

Angelo Rodriguez tries hallucinogenic honey in Nepal: “The result was … unexpected”

On Saturday, December 24, the actor decided to share a new reflection on his official Instagram account. Not stating the exact topic. The topic he discussed himself may mean that, for the time being, there are no plans to return to Portugal🇧🇷

On Koh Rong [Cambodia]in the northern part of the island, the epitome of laziness was a flicker of clarity:Why pay a fortune for a house to rent in Lisbon when I have what I need here at a third of the price?🇧🇷 I ended up staying for a month in this piece of paradise, deprived of Western privileges, sleeping only in a bungalow‘, referring to the actor.

🇧🇷There was no electricity, no shower, and no running water. The conditions were radical, like Mowgli in the jungle. Looking back at my routine, I thought it appropriate to praise the art of doing nothing.He emphasized the circumstances he faced.

🇧🇷Don’t be fooled, laziness doesn’t just represent isolation from real life. It is a human configuration like many others that allows the soul to act on its own.🇧🇷 It is part of our contemplative nature that is indispensable to earthly experience. We must not succumb to their seeming uselessness. Ultimately, laziness helps us in what matters most, perpetuating the complex task of livingAngelo Rodriguez concluded.

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Check out the photos the actor shared:

“We smile in the same language and that’s enough,” says Angelo Rodriguez Teaching in Nepal