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Anna Palma accused of lying -

Anna Palma accused of lying –

Who Wants to Date a Farmer?: Anna Palma has been accused of lying about different aspects of her life.

One of the best-kept secrets of Ana Palma, the only contestant in SIC’s Quem Quer Namorar com o Agriculturalor, has been unearthed.

Anna Palma, born in Serpa, lives alone on a hill but is not the owner of the place or the animals she takes care of.

The contestant on the SIC reality show is still forced to live every day with one of her old friends. His name is Helio Silva and he is the cheesemaker of the family.

In this version of the program, two farmers were planned, but an unexpected event left only one in shape.

“The other one couldn’t participate because she had a personal handicap and she gave upThe production source told TV Guia, adding that it was not a legal issue or any impediment by the court.

The lady has a clean criminal record. From this point of view, everything was perfectly fine. He surrendered only for personal reasons, which only a very small group of people from the production company know about.“.

Helio Silva, 44, is a very special and long-term friend of Ana Palma and her family. The cheesemaker works for 46-year-old Gertrude Palma, who is the older sister of farmer Anna.

She dated cheesemaker Anna Palma for seven years, but did not reveal the reasons for the end of the relationship.

It’s over… it was better that way. It’s like everything else in life. It all starts and then ends in the middle… It’s over, it’s over. Who finished? … I don’t know … it stays intimate with each one with each onem “as a result.

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So, the friend they talked about was Helio, who lived with her for several years on the hill… Ah, but that’s a secret you can’t tell”, said a resident of Serpa.

Helio Silva lived in Herdád dos Barretos with Anna Palma, tending sheep with her, milking them, and helping to collect honey from old women.

Anna does not own the land on which she works, according to TV Guia, the owners are Gertrudes da Conceição Correia Palma and her husband, Swiss engineer François Raoul Vez.

Anna Palma’s son-in-law and sister grew up in the area and today has several investments in the area, such as hectares of real estate along the Guadiana River.

In recent years, Gertrude and her husband’s business has grown and they have bought Herdade das Gargantas, near the village of Brinches, where they have restored an atypical hill overlooking the Guadiana River, where Ana Palma lives alone.

However, the farmer’s three intentions are in the Pulo do Lobo, and they paid for the production.