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Anna Westerlund talks about the moment she learned of Pedro Lima's death

Anna Westerlund talks about the moment she learned of Pedro Lima’s death

Anna Westerlund Don’t forget the actor husband Pedro Limawho died on June 20, 2020. Having remembered him on April 20, 2020, On the date the actor would have turned 51The potter is now talking about the moment when she faced the news of her death.

In a long interview with ForemanAs mentioned by the magazine new peopleAnna Westerlund recalls her first reactions when she learned of her husband’s death:When I got the news, an INEM psychologist called me saying “I’m here, you’re going to need this help”. And I, at the time, said “I know, but now I can’t”‘, revealing.

Anna Westerlund said she knew right away that she would have to undergo a treatment, but given the “violence” of the events, she didn’t immediately feel ready to do so.

“Would I have preferred that Pedro had cancer, something we could say goodbye to and have an operation?”‘ said the Potter, when she admitted that she still had a side he said to her.You don’t want to say goodbye“, He confessed.

I learned to realize that pain comes like a tidal wave. The wave comes and goes again. I feel like I’m learning to survive this wave when it comes. I can’t help but feel that there Anna died when Pedro died and I was born again.“, a statement.

As she was able to admit before, Anna Westerlund says that she is now living in a phase where she is actually allowed to celebrate the path she has taken so far, always recognizing that, for 20 years, she has been Pedro Lima’s wife with great pride:It was such a big fight, I wiped so many tears, I struggled to wake up several days. But it is possible. Today I allow myself to celebrate my strength‘, is mentioned.

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