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Annabella cries with her husband's surprise: "I love her so much"

Annabella cries with her husband’s surprise: “I love her so much”

Annabella He was one of the program’s guests magic chestThis Saturday, July 23. in conversation with Fatima LopezThe singer and actress recalled the beginning of her artistic career at the age of eight, and she talked about her latest projects, and also received a very special surprise from her husband.

Through a short video Vitor Esteves He took the opportunity to announce to his companion. “As an artist, Annabella is wonderful. He is multifaceted. She is a singer and actress at the same time, she presents serials and plays, performs musicals and publishes a saying

“As a woman and a mother, I would say she is an exceptional person. She is very friendly with her friends and she is very friendly with her family. He is gentle, he is someone who loves his family, loves his dog. What you see is what she really is. Right now, you might be struggling not to She sheds a tear, but this is it. I love you so much. She is the best mother and wife in the world.”accomplishment

In the face of those words, Annabella could not effectively contain her tears. “It’s my family, it’s the most important thing in my life without a doubt. We can be very successful and our work is very important, but if we do not have love, we are not happy.Clearly moved.

It is reported that the artist and her husband exchanged rings in 2015 as the parents of the little boy Vincentfive years.

Watch the moment in the video below:

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