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Anne Frank is referred to as "loose".

Anne Frank is referred to as “loose”.

Rejected: Rebecca Wallenqvist was fired by the Swedish Democrats as a result of her comments about Anne Frank.

One of the profiles of the Swedish Democrats in Sweden, Rebecka Fallenkvist, has been suspended after making harsh statements about Jewish girl Anne Frank.


In an Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Fallenkvist refers to Anne Frank as “loose” and “horny,” which caused a strong backlash in Sweden.

The Jewish girl who hid during World War II from the hands of the Nazis in a secret room in Amsterdam, before her family was recognized and sent to a concentration camp. She died in the Bergen-Belsen camp in 1945 at the age of 16, and her memoirs were later translated into 70 languages.

Photograph of Anne Frank taken in 1942, published in 1959.

The Swedish Democrats have now decided to dispense with Fallenkvist from his position as a front man for the party’s television project.

We take Rebecka’s insensitive and inappropriate language in social media seriously and will start an internal process with our Human Resources department. Rebecca Vallenqvist was taken off duty while this was happening, party press director Oscar Cavalli Björkman says.

Valenqvist, who was elected for the Stockholm region’s Swedish Democrats, has been criticized in the past for his comments. During an interview at the party’s vigil, she raised one arm and shouted “helg seger,” similar to the Swedish version of “Sieg heil,” the official Nazi salute in Germany under Adolf Hitler.

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