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Anne Holt after a mock interview:

Anne Holt after a mock interview:

Star writer Anne Holt turned 65 on Thursday. Not only is Holt very popular in Norway, Sweden has also fallen in love with the crime writer.

On that occasion may Aftonbladet I did an interview with Jubilee, and here the event that has been on “everyone’s” lips this summer became a topic.

He reveals: – Expelled from Australia

At the beginning of June, Classicampen published an interview with Holt, without being contacted herself. Avisa interviewed one of them last Anne Holt. Therefore, the writer took to Facebook, where she became angry:

-I have often been angrier than I am now. But I have never been so angry on my own behalf as this. I fly, I jump, I crush, I kill with rage.

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In a recent interview with Aftonbladet, she spoke more about her experience with the whole case.

– I did not understand anything. The article said I hated everything about the internet. I thought I was having a stroke or severe dementia, Holt admits.

- It's sad

– It’s sad

– It turns out that the stupid journalist just looked in the phone book and called the first Anne Holt she found. I have a big Facebook page and I was nominated for Influencer of the Year. “I have to be against the internet, which is a bit strange,” she adds.

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Anne Holt, who was interviewed by Klasscampen this summer, also spoke out about the issue following the author’s Facebook reaction.

– I usually get the question, if I’m the author. There are a lot of us named Anne Holt, so mistakes happen regularly. That’s not on my radar, so to speak, Holt said at the time, adding that there were already regular calls and letters addressed to her name.

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Sex scandal: - The entire royal house was affected

Sex scandal: – The entire royal house was affected

After the incident, the journalist behind the case, Hannah Paul Thorvik, came out and admitted that she had gone on a rampage. Klassekampen editor Marie Skordal also apologized for the incident.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Hannah Bull Thorvik, who stated that she had no comment on this matter.