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Anne Sila (The Voice All the Stars): Stung by her ex-partner, she evokes "a delusional puff"

Anne Sila (The Voice All the Stars): Stung by her ex-partner, she evokes “a delusional puff”

Facing cameras Within 50 ‘, Saturday November 6, 2021, Anne Sila shares one of the most difficult trials of her life. Because some time before his first participation The voice In 2015 – Lillian Renat won – The winner of The Voice All Stars fell victim to a horrific attack.

As a reminder, in 2014 a 25-year-old young woman was stabbed with a nearby knife Twenty times By his ex-comrade. A violent argument that stopped his manager at the time. Following the attack, the man was quickly arrested by police and charged with attempted murder and aggravated intentional violence.

I went through a very difficult test In 2014“Before explaining in a little more detail, she recalls how Nicos confronted Alias:”In fact, the person I fell in love with had a delusional puff, which is a mental illness, and Stabbed me.“Following this tragedy was an event that marked her so much, Anne Sila had to go through many pains:”This physical, mental, psychological pain (…) is a test for me and him“.

The voice saved my life

However, in the aftermath of this horrific attack, the student of Florent Bagney was able to destroy the past. Very quiet today, the 31-year-old singer promised Leisure TV , Last September, should be very happy. “I’m fine. I live in very happy times. Life always plays a fair role in beautiful things and times can be a little less beautiful, but it definitely gets better“, She shared. To be continued, about how she recovered:”J.I can say that the voice saved my life. At the time, I was in a somewhat complicated situation and I came out of a somewhat traumatic event. I was lucky because I made it so far on the show that it kept me alive. “

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