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Announcing large demonstrations in the Canary Islands:

Announcing large demonstrations in the Canary Islands:

For many sun-starved Norwegians, the Canary Islands are synonymous with sunbathing and carefree days. But for a large part of the local population, it is a completely different story:

On Saturday next week, a large demonstration against mass tourism will be announced in all the major Canary Islands – Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma – under the hashtags #CanariasTieneUnLímite (“The Canary Islands have a limit”) and #CanaryCollapso (“Collapse of the Canary Islands”).

Inviting everyone: Activists invite all residents of the Canary Islands to participate in the coordinated demonstration next Saturday.
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“Next Saturday, April 20, we will take to the streets to once again demand common sense: control of the situation that is suffocating us and expelling us from our lands. It is time to demand a change of regime and shout once again from all the islands: “The Canary Islands have borders!”, said a fiery commentary article in the major newspaper. El Pais Canario.


The message here is that the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa is suffering from “overtourism” – the influx of tourists is too great for the local environment to function properly, which has led to the islands’ social and environmental collapse.

“In the list of environmental and territorial problems, there are also the social problems resulting from an unlimited and uncontrolled tourism model, which makes access to housing difficult in the Canary Islands,” the commentary article said.

Bot Bonanza: - Ridiculous

Bot Bonanza: – Ridiculous

Aviza believes that tourists contribute to raising housing prices beyond the level permitted for local residents, and highlights luxury projects such as the Dichosa Wellness Clinic in La Palma, which will contain more than 80 swimming pools and 564 rooms/apartments when completed. .

According to activists, “overtourism” also extends beyond health services, waste management, water supply, public transport and biodiversity. To mention something.

“Closed to tourist overcrowding”

Great Britain is among the countries sending the largest number of tourists to the Canary Islands, and the announced measure has generated a great deal of interest in popular media such as Daily Mirror, the sun And daily Mail.

Among other things, the newspapers carry a photo from Lanzarote where an area on the beach has been closed off with a chain and a sign saying: “This area is closed to tourist overcrowding.”

Pictures of the crowded car park of Lanzarote's famous Cuervo volcano have people reacting. Video: Jenny Emily Ass
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Activists stress that they are not against tourism per se, but that it must be done in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Moreover, not all citizens share activists' views. Earlier this month, Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo called on people to exercise “common sense”. According to Tenerife newspaper The light.

– We are concerned because tourism is the most important source of our wealth. He added: “I think that those who come to enjoy a few days here and leave their money in the Canary Islands should not be reprimanded.”

Clavijo stressed that the islands' government is working to solve the problems.

– Among other things, important steps are being taken when it comes to housing, not only with regard to the Holiday Rentals Act, but also with regard to the regulations recently approved in the Housing Parliament of the Canary Islands.

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