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Announcing Resident Evil 4 VR

Announcing Resident Evil 4 VR

Direct from PlayStation ShowCapcom has announced that it is developing a “VR mode” for Resident Evil 4. This is a free update for owners PSVR2.

Get even closer to Leon Kennedy’s acclaimed survival story with free downloadable content for Resident Evil 4 VR Mode that comes exclusively to PlayStation VR 2 for anyone who owns a copy of the game on PlayStation 5. says the official description.

The official trailer gave fans a first look at the gameplay, showing how PlayStation VR2 Sense makes key gameplay systems like fending off enemy attacks more immersive and intuitive. I finish.

There is no estimated release date.

Read more about Resident Evil 4:

Resident Evil 4 Now available on multiple platforms.

Speculation surrounding its development has long swirled, including changes in creative decisions following capcom definitively took it, and left M-two with a secondary role.

In addition, the remake features a semi-open world, which expands Dr. Savior and merchant.

What is the story of the game?

Ashley Graham, daughter of the US President, is kidnapped outside her university by an unknown organization. The only clue is that it has been seen on a remote island on the European continent. Now, it is up to Leon to save her. Little did he know that this meant a new plunge into a nightmare he thought had ended.

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