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Annual Show 2023: What have you forgotten?

Annual Show 2023: What have you forgotten?

No year has been! Let's look at what happened in 2023.

Trine Eilertsen weighs her own predictions for 2023 in Forklart's annual presentation.

  • The editorial board explained

Editor-in-Chief Trine Eilertsen concluded last year by predicting how this year would go. You can hear how it went at Forklart's annual show.

Most people will likely remember 2023 as another year marked by war. But the year offered more than that.

Hear all the things you probably forgot that happened in 2023 explained:

And prediction?

“I wasn't quite on the ground,” says Eilertsen.

– I was very impressed by the criminal cases we discussed last fall. They celebrated this year, but a lot happened. It happened, she says.

It indicates that we have achieved very high price growth. Electricity prices were skyrocketing last winter, and overall things have become more difficult financially for the vast majority of people. Word Dear time It has entered many people's vocabulary.

This didn't just make things difficult for you and me, Eilertsen explains. The government has also struggled.

– You say in the podcast that it affects those in government when the price goes up.


On the other hand, there was optimism in the atmosphere of the Labor Party this spring when the national meeting ended.

They had a VP fight and argued about why things were going so badly.

When the national meeting ended, Storr was so happy that he danced on the table and thought it would be a nice way to get into the election, she says.

It wasn't to be. Because the summer was marked by problems related to the competence of many politicians in the government.

– Tonji Brenna, Annette Tritbergston, Olly Burten-Moe, and Annekin Hoitfeldt. Within a few months, it was found that they had messed with their reputations, posts, friends, and relationships. Three out of four were no longer actually ministers when we reached the end of the year, says Eilertsen.

– Only Brenna remains.

Wars affect people's moods

Trine Eilertsen also says that unfortunately there are two wars that have defined the news picture in 2023.

– The one that began last year between Ukraine and Russia. The second war began on October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel.

This was responded to with large-scale attacks on Gaza that have not yet ended.

– I notice that wars affect people's moods, says Eilertsen.

These are just some of the things Trine Eilertsen talks about in the episode. Listen to the explained podcast for the full explanation.

Listen to the explanation wherever you want

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