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ANONYMOUS;  CODE (Switch): Check out the character trailers for Cross, Wind, Tengen, Nonoka, and Liddie

ANONYMOUS; CODE (Switch): Check out the character trailers for Cross, Wind, Tengen, Nonoka, and Liddie

Spike Chunsoft has released two new trailers for unknown ; Code, a new visual novel in the Science Adventure series (Chaos; Head, Steins; Gate and Robotics; Notes). In them, some relevant characters from the plot are presented with their English voices. These videos are a continuation of the character’s trailer for Bolon Takaoka and Momo Isaki.

The first trailer has been released in the new installment, Character Profile 02, and features Cross Yumikawa and Wind Maki. Voiced by Y. Chang, Cross is Pollon’s main partner and “big brother” figure in the professional hacker group Nakano Symphonies that the two run.

Wind Maki (Voice: AJ Beckles) is their partner and the “best source of information” Pollon and Cross have. He just doesn’t join the hacker group because his ambition is to be the best seller of information in the region by exploiting his ability to make contacts and resources by being an independent figure.

Another trailer, Character Profile 03, features the characters Tengen Ozutani, Nonoka Hosho, and Liddie Kumar. Tengen (Voice: Keith Silverstein) is a private investigator with exceptional negotiation and research skills. In a slightly old-fashioned style for such a technologically advanced world, he’s the kind who knows a lot about occult, urban legends, and conspiracy theories.

Nonoka (Voice: Lisa Raymold) is a 10-year-old girl who works for Tengen’s detective agency as a hacker and toolmaker. Despite being a kind and cheerful child, she is so confident in her abilities that she easily clashes with adults.

Finally, Lady is a mathematician voiced by Anita Calatara. Media darling, she works as a model, singer, and theoretician. When thinking about any phenomenon she encounters, she likes to analyze reality from a mathematical angle, with the aim of spreading the wonders of mathematics to people in general.

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unknown ; CODE launches on Switch, PC, and PS4 on September 8th. In addition to the English dubbing that appears in the videos, it will be possible to choose the original Japanese voices for the characters.

Source: Spike Chunsoft (Youtube)