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Another competitor to Google Docs and Microsoft 365

Another competitor to Google Docs and Microsoft 365

Everyone knows Zoom as a dedicated tool for video conferencing and remote meetings during the pandemic. Those times have passed and Zoom continues to help us every day, but now it wants new areas. It has introduced Zoom Docs and wants to replace Google Docs and Microsoft 365.

For a while, Zoom stopped being just a video conferencing service. It needed to grow and adapt in order not to disappear, while still ensuring a place in users' toolkit and remaining a company that ensured its financial health.

After email and calendaring, comes Zoom Another news It also wants to be a document creation and editing tool. That's where Zoom Docs comes in, now being presented at the annual Zoomtopia 2023 conference, held in California.

More than just a simple document editor, Zoom Docs aims to be a collaborative editing platform, which will be integrated into video conferencing. To help, Zoom's AI is also integrated. Zoom AI Companion wants to help users in many areas and here you will find another key area.

Zoom Docs supports linking and merging between documents, and the hierarchical organization of folders and documents in meetings can be managed. Of course, there are spaces in team chats on Zoom or directly in the browser, or on Zoom's mobile and desktop apps.

The Zoom AI Companion is included in the price of the company's paid subscription plans, which start at $149.90 per year per user. Microsoft charges an additional $30 per user per month for Copilot 365, and Google has said it will do the same. Zoom hasn't mentioned specific pricing for Zoom Docs, but it does include a year of access to its core apps through paid subscriptions.

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At this price, Zoom clearly wants to beat out the competition and attract businesses that may already be using its services. After being essential for many during the pandemic, it has now become a tool that wants to have the same space in the business world.