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Another headache for Bernardo: Bruna Gomez is at war with ex-YouTube star Philippe Netto-Mondo

Another headache for Bernardo: Bruna Gomez is at war with ex-YouTube star Philippe Netto-Mondo

Great Winner of the ‘Big Brother-Final Challenge’on TVI, Bruna Gomez, 26, guarantees that she will present part of the €10,000 prize The winning reality show features veterinarian Bruno Chipetelli, who rescues his dog Bulga (Bobo) and who runs a foundation that rescues and treats street dogs.

Bruna will also use a portion of the prize money to make a gift for her friend, Mateus MarinhoBrazilian fashion blogger She helped leave the house of her ex-boyfriend, famous digital interviewer Felipe Netowho broke up with her over the phone, A relationship of nearly five yearsOn Christmas Day last year.

Remember that Felipe Neto and Bruna suddenly ended their relationship, claiming that he was going through a serious depressionamong the many who have already suffered.

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Felipe Neto is already speaking to the Portuguese audience and casting a shadow over Bernardo Sousa.

Don’t think so, though. Bruna Gomez, who was about to study medicine in BrazilBut she gave up her studies after a college entrance examination to devote herself to working as a digital influencer, the same job her ex-boyfriend had, and she kept quiet during her three-month closure at the “Big Brother” house. He was always a competitor Through the production processes and bureaucracies going on in Brazil The official records are in her name. The Felipe Neto’s dismissal has led to serious legal problems that must be resolved in courtbecause the ex-spouses could not understand each other. Felipe has taken control of some of Bruna’s digital work, such as her TV channel and her fashion collection NuseThat’s why the ‘BB’ award winner asked lawyers Luis Rangel Olessino, Daniel Pitanga and Fabricio Barbieri for help. Try registering new business on behalf of the influencerCompanies that will be your future.

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