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Another one delay from Tesla? Now the Roadster won’t arrive until 2023

Tesla has a list of new vehicles coming soon. We are talking about Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster, which have already been announced, but are not yet available on the market, which by the way is a common practice.

The back-to-back delays of Tesla car launches are also common. There is a new car to stay for later. It was Elon Musk himself who revealed that the Tesla Roadster won’t hit the market until 2023, depending on next year.

Tesla's delays are already well known to everyone. The brand has a very long history of setting releases and news for a date, which is simply passed and without any event or presentation of new proposals.

The cases of Tesla Semi and Cybertruck were just two examples, with consecutive delays And without doing anything. Recently, the brand and Elon Musk ended up delaying their arrival again, and it is only expected in 2022.

That scenario appears to be emerging again, now with the Tesla Roadster at the center of the problem. The launch of the "world's fastest" electric car (as Tesla describes it) will be postponed again and now the new date is set for 2023, always depending on what happens next year and restore the supply chain.

The reason why Elon Musk Foot For this new scenario are the problems that 2021 brought to Tesla. He revealed that they could have promised a lot of news, but they wouldn't have anything to deliver, which would be terrible for the brand.

The Tesla Roadster was introduced in 2017, and it promised to enter the market last year. The truth is, 2020 has passed and Elon Musk has ended up not revealing anything related to this new car, which promises to revolutionize the electric market.

All of these delays and problems that Tesla is facing are related to the chip shortage plaguing the tech market. Brands are trying to overcome this problem, but it is clear that it should not be easy to overcome, without the production chain recovering from the delay.

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