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Another princess causing trouble in Dubai

The royal family of the United Arab Emirates spends a lot of money to look modern and casual. So it is not appropriate for princesses to complain about violence and oppression.

Zainab Gawadli claims that she is being held hostage as she fights for custody of her children.

– Help me, please, Zainab Gawadli pleads.

– My children and I are terrified and afraid for our lives, you follow in a video BBC from access to.

Gawadli is married to Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum (46). He is the son of the former emir of Dubai. Now the uncle is the head of state.

She was born in Azerbaijan and practiced rhythmic gymnastics internationally.

Javadli is currently the latest in a growing line of ex-husbands and princesses who allege they are being oppressed and mistreated by the UAE’s royal families. For countries trying to attract investment and knowledge workers, this is a problem.

In Dubai’s legal system, Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum has won the cases against his ex-wife.

Locked in a hotel

Now her British lawyers are asking the UN Human Rights Council to look into the situation. They claim that she is subjected to constant abuse and humiliation.

Together with the prince, she has three daughters. He also has nine children with other women. After the divorce in 2019, she struggled to obtain custody of her daughters. Her lawyers claim that the police broke into her home two years ago. It was said that she and her parents were subjected to violence.

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Since then, Javadli and her daughters live in a hotel in Dubai. The three girls are not allowed to leave the hotel. The mother fears that they will be taken from her if she leaves them out of her sight. This means that they do not receive a normal education.

She herself does not dare to travel outside the country. She said she was unlikely to see her daughters again.

The father won the case

The lawyers sent the UN Human Rights Committee a 50-page letter containing harsh accusations of the regime in Dubai.

The ex-husband obtained custody of the girls in the country court. Javadli’s lawyers claim that the ruling was the result of a violation of basic principles of legal certainty.

to me daily Mail She says she is being held hostage.


BBC He writes that you can see a pattern in how women are treated in the royal family.

The one who got the most attention is Princess Lavia (36 years old). She is the daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is the uncle of Zainab Gawadli’s ex-husband, Vice President, Minister of Defense and Prime Minister of the UAE. In 2018, Lafia tried to flee his homeland. The boat she was on stopped in the Indian Ocean.

For several years there was uncertainty about its whereabouts. Last year, she appeared in public. She claims she is fine and asks for her privacy to be respected.

In 2000, the older sister Shamsa (41 years old) was on vacation in Great Britain. With the help of friends, she manages to escape from her family. Freedom did not last long. She claims that she was kidnapped by armed men and returned to Dubai by force.

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She hasn’t appeared in public for 22 years.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his wife, Haya, are keen on equestrian sports. Here they are pictured in 2013, when they watched the races at Ascot.

The wife ran away

The Prime Minister has no problems with his daughters only. In 2019, Princess Haya fled the UAE with her two children. She was his sixth wife.

Subsequent trials have received a great deal of attention. The princess, who is the daughter of former Jordanian monarch King Hussein, alleged that her husband threatened her.

The princess fled to London and used the British legal system against her ex-husband. This has resulted in her being given sole responsibility for the children. The sheikh was ordered to pay 554 million pounds, or 6.6 billion kroner, as part of the divorce.