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Another withdrawal in the final challenge!  Patricia Silva announces her decision – Big Brother

Another withdrawal in the final challenge! Patricia Silva announces her decision – Big Brother

Patricia Silva has just ditched Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge. The challenger announced the decision during Extra

Patricia Silva Withdrew from Big Brother – The Final Challenge. The decision, which had already been discussed all day, was just made official on TVI's Extra. Patricia Silva informed her colleagues of the decision.

See also the competitor's farewell to Erika Silva:

This Friday, Patricia Silva has two keynote discussions with Erica Silva. In the final clip, Patricia was crying because Erica used the phrase “suck it up.” “I'm leaving and not because I'm afraid of Erica,” the rival declared. I would never be in the same place as someone of this level! “

Patricia Silva and Erika Silva also clashed on Friday over pie. All because Deborah Nieves is on a liquid diet due to a previous dynamic result, Erica said she wouldn't eat pie and Patricia rebelled.

“Pie is for everyone, you don't decide that. You do it because it's your job, it's what you promised to do and she eats it because you didn't decide to. “You decide in your home, not in other people’s,” Patricia said, clearly angrily.

Erica responded by insisting that Deborah wouldn't eat the pie and Patricia insisted: “I guarantee you she will eat it.” “If you make the pie, you'll eat it, because you're not forbidding anyone here from eating it, do you understand?”

“She said everyone ate except Deborah, that's not the case, she doesn't judge. “Let her wear the thong, Deborah will eat the pie,” Patricia continued, speaking to the rest of her colleagues.

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Erica also justified herself to Ana Barbosa by saying: “It was just for you, but you can give it to whoever you want except Deborah” and Patricia replied: “She is a bad person, don’t eat her.”