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Ansten (9 years old) was photographed 15 minutes before she was killed by a tornado – VG

Just before the tragedy: The three sisters, Anistine (right), Alana (centre) and Avalyn (left) were photographed 15 minutes before disaster struck as they took refuge in the bathtub in their home on Friday night. Carrying a Baby Maw Maw doll, nine-year-old Anistine did not escape the ravages of the hurricane.

A family of five took refuge in a bathroom in their home near Carothersville, Missouri, on Friday. But the house did not have a chance to withstand the harsh force of the hurricane.


In the photo, 9-year-old Anisten sought shelter in a bathtub with her two sisters, Alana, 3, and Avalyn, 7. Just minutes later, the house was torn apart, he writes New York Post.

Parents Megan, 32, and Trey Rackley, 37, chose a windowless bathroom to protect themselves from the hurricane, but the house couldn’t handle the hurricane’s violent force.

Her cousin Sandra Hooker, Meghan’s maternal aunt, said they were sucked into a whirlwind and spat into the mud several meters away. Among other things, they worked together at the school where the 9-year-old went.

The Baby MawMaw doll, one of the lovable assets Annistyn is pictured with, has been found in the mud and will be given to little sister Avalinn.

tornadoes swept Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas on Friday and Saturday last week.

Everyone is injured

An image from the site showed that parts of the area were leveled with the ground, cars overturned and trees were scattered.

All other family members were also infected. Sister Avalyn broke a leg in her back and will have surgery on Wednesday. She is said to have told health workers that she “flew” in the cyclone and spat. Megan’s mother broke several legs, sustained a severe brain injury.

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On a Trip: The Rackley family gave an undated photo to the press from a trip to Sedona, Arizona. Behind them are parents Megan and Trey, while the three sisters from the left are Anistine, Avalin and Alana.

Father Tre and younger sister Alana had minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and trauma injuries and were discharged from the hospital, according to Hooker.

Hooker is speaking on behalf of the family and has spoken with the family’s father and emergency crews who found family members at the scene, as well as police and other emergency services.

Moved in a week

Hooker remembers Anisten as a “special angel” and an energetic girl, despite the fact that she has a rare liver disease. She loved swimming, dancing and cheering.

– She only gasped because she got into the split all the time, and just laughed, says Hooker.

Cheerleading: Ansten Rackley loved cheerleading and dancing, among other things.

They moved into their new home just a week before the hurricane hit and haven’t had time to empty all the moving boxes yet.

news agency AP He was unable to get a comment from authorities in Pemiscott County, where the family lives, about the storm that destroyed the Rackley family home. Missouri Governor Mike Parson said in a statement that about 30,000 residents were without power in the state.

Hurricanes in five states

Obviously, Kentucky has been hardest hit. At least 74 people have died so far in the state, according to Governor Andy Bashir. The search for survivors and the deceased continues. 109 people are registered as missing.

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And in other states such as Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, and Arkansas, 14 people were found dead.

Expect it to take a long time before you get a complete overview of the extent of the damage.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will visit Kentucky to gain first-hand knowledge of action after the disaster and meet with local authorities, NTB wrote.

The city of Mayfield was among the worst affected. They have no drinking water because the hurricane destroyed the water tower and filtration system. The center is covered in building debris, broken trees, and power lines on the ground.

Violent demolitions: A neighborhood in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, was razed to the ground after a tornado hit Friday, December 10.