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Anthony Delon redesigned Pascal Brad and responded to rumors about his father!

Anthony Delon redesigned Pascal Brad and responded to rumors about his father!

At 57, Anthony Delon wants to tell his story. To return to the blessed time of childhood memories. As Barbara so beautifully puts it, “Of all the memories, childhood was the worst …”, and the actor had to immerse himself in this period of not always being rosy, as he describes in a book entitled “Entre Sean and the Wolf”. (Versions Cerse Midi).
This is not about settling accounts […] Today I am 57 years old, I realized I didn’t have the right family, many of us had injuries that prevented us from leaving ourselves, i.e. abandonment or other injuriesHe said on the set of Laurent Delahouse a few weeks ago.

But this book may have been written by Anthony Delon to get rid of the current image of his famous father. This Friday, May 13, 2022, as a guest on “L’heure des pros”, it was a matter of honor to remember that Alain Delon’s son was not just a famous family name derived from the Patriots with a Thousand Characters. When reminded that the host must constantly bring him to his appearance and only associate him with Romy Schneider’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Delon responds bluntly: “No, this is not true, it’s not true…”

Although Anthony Delon was proud of his career, he recalled that his father had a great impact on the way he built himself as a human being. “At the age of 17 I stopped being afraid of him. He was locked up in his Paris office and did not want to see me. One day, I went upstairs to face him. Like a crowd, I was ready to measure myself. He dominated. He understood it and he was locked up.” .

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The 57-year-old actor also recalled that the woman his father loved the most was his mother Natalie. “There was only one Madame Delon“Anthony Delon recalled that he” loved madly “against Mirel Dark,” he said.


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