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Anthony identifies as an alien: extreme body modification in a documentary with a Portuguese face

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The media dubbed him a “black alien”. YouTubers. It shows his tattooed body – as well as his eyes – and the amputation of two fingers on his hand, nose and ears. Your turnaround is still 57%. Arthur Broyle is Portuguese broadcaster and journalist who accompanied Anthony lofredo, the Spanish-speaking Frenchman who has always been physically alienated. The personal journey calls the documentary, The Black Stranger Project.

Arthur Broyle left Portugal 10 years ago and stayed in London for six years. He moved to the English capital even before Brexit. “I wasn’t supposed to stay, I really wanted to experience”explains to the SIC Mulher website.

But in Barcelona, ​​Spain, when he went to cut his hair he was “discovered” black alien. “They started talking about Anthony and I looked at the pictures and I thought ‘This cannot be true“. The pictures baffled meremembers the Portuguese guy who “develops” software formats that are then bought from all over the world.

in a meeting with Channel 4, which focuses on “more provocative” content, is given approval to continue the story, but on a “free ride”. On a more personal note, Arthur, who takes on the challenge as passion project, He will only travel with the operator room. “Nothing will ever be produced in advance.”points.

Tap and run dance

I was in touch with Anthony for about nine or ten months to convince him. When things were already agreed upon, he disappeared from social media for a month. Deactivate his accountHe reveals. The relationship was born when the Portuguese journalist decided to send a voice message.

Anthony Loffredo and Arthur Broyle (Mighty Productions, Channel 4)

He realized that I wasn’t a giant corporation trying to make money off of him. Our point of view has always been human. “I never told you to talk about your body modifications. He said he wanted to meet him. “I want to understand who you are.”stressed Arthur who, even today, is the only member to have and still maintain a connection to the French.

forty-eight hours agoThen, Arthur learns that he had to travel to Guadalajara, Mexico, where Anthony is living in a hotel room. “I went without ever seeing him,” comment. Personality though black alien Counts today with over 1.3 million followers InstagramIt’s the first time Anthony has allowed a TV team to accompany him.

Reasons to modify your body

a body modification [modificação corporal] It is illegal in all countries and mostly falls into the gray areas of the law. The studios that perform these actions have social networks and are in the public domain.

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Here’s what was already known from social networks for black alien. Anthony has Forked green tongue (divided into two parts), eyes tattooed in black, full body tattoos, fingers and ears, nose amputation and transplants on the arms and face.

The most radical procedure is analyzed: Amputation of one of his legs and replacing it with a mechanism. In July, he shared on social media what his feet would look like, in an operation planned for 2024.

Mighty Productions – Channel 4

But what are your psychological and emotional drivers behind these changes?

In the documentary, a 20-minute version is available for streaming Portugal in Youtube channel 4 deux, Anthony looks at old photos, before starting his transformation, and admits to seeing “a very hot guy”. “Here I was happy but not with the right body‘, as shown in the available version.

As a child, Anthony no longer recognized himself in his own body. Ever since he was a kid, he’s wondered why his hands were like that. she says. And Arthur is categorical. Anthony does not undergo these painful procedures for fun. It is a matter of determination. I followed some proceduresThe journalist confesses.

The Portuguese presenter mentions a man who had his toes amputated because of him fetish Sexual and another placement of silicone implants in the penis. There are those who do it for the pleasure of pain. “There is a world of reasons why people join this community, Anthony doesn’t like procedures, he doesn’t like pain. What he knows is that he is closer to his goal, finding peace between his body and his soul.” Confirms.

Bullying and threats appear on social media, but what about street bullying?

The fans are obvious, but it only takes a few seconds to read the serious comments Anthony receives on his posts Instagram. They say they will regret it, there are insults, threats, wishes for everything to go wrong, and a lot of misunderstandings.

Arthur scored a week with Anthony in Mexico. At the entrance to the rooftop, a shopkeeper assures him that he will have no place in heaven, in an interaction that annoys the Portuguese. “I have worked with world famous personalities, however Wherever Anthony is, people always look up to him.Indicates.

In the documentary, Anthony says that there were people changing tables in the restaurant. order one UberBut the car does not stop. Discrimination is daily and people’s intentions are feared however One of the most surprising aspects is that Anthony is, despite everything, sociable.

In the documentary, Arthur accompanies him to the gym. And on the street, the reaction is still generally positive. There are a lot of curious people out there that result in respectful interactions. “The children lined up for photos and autographs. They treat you very wellArthur explains.

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At a Day of the Dead evening celebration, in the midst of dozens of people, Anthony wasn’t in the spotlight. “It was the first time I saw him like that, completely relaxed, not thinking about who he was.”, the presenter indicates during the interview. And it seems that the French confirm this in the footage. “I feel like a child herehe admits.

The percentage of the future and the unpredictability of the present

As is evident in the documentary, and as Arthur proves, Anthony never plans for tomorrow. Because of bureaucracy and her image, she does not have a bank account. She has some online partnerships and charges 50 pesos per photo (adults only). They are about 2.66 euros. “If you take five pictures, you’ll have lunch today and that’s enough for you. embodied.

The transformation began long after the parents were told. On one of their birthdays, he surprised them and the shock lasted 15 minutes. “Maybe they were kind of sad. They just looked at me in a weird way.” It was determined, but everything returned to normal. The mother, in particular, knew that Anthony did not see himself in her body.

How does Anthony want to look?

On social networks he revealed his progress (in the documentary it was 46%, today it is 57%) and even achieved teasing from the future. But this intimate subject was not often shared with the Portuguese.

I guess he doesn’t want to say too much because it’s also an evolutionary process. He might change his mind. The public wants his leg amputated, but he made it clear that this will not happen today or tomorrow.explains the journalist. It can take years to find someone who will perform the surgery.

According to the presenter, the transformation would be completed when Anthony would be 50 years old. Day 34.

Some of Anthony’s body modifications have a historical and reference basis. a Tape, which form superficial cuts in the skin, and make scars more visible. Many cultures use and still apply this method, which is considered a symbol of beauty in some regions of Africa. The Aztecs and Mayans also had a long history of body modification.

Impact and discussion after the premiere

Arthur visited one of the studios body modification And I spoke with Drake Bryan, who did some of Anthony’s surgeries. Drake is unlicensed and has no formal training, but he questions the need for these actions to be illegal.

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More boobs, more lips? Everything is okay no problem. If you want to change the penis into a vagina, that’s okay too. But if you want to cut off a finger, you’re crazy. Something’s going on in your head.”Asked.

The Black Stranger Project It is part of a business series Filmmakers [realizadores] that tell a story. Premiered June 11th “Without Much Fuss” [sem promoção]on the UK channel, and in a short time, became the most watched episode, Grab the Rest which premiered months ago.

Are there more Anthonys?

The documentary launches issues such as plastic surgery ethics, mental health, and self-acceptance into the debate. How did Anthony react?

Saw after four days. I was really nervous because I made this show for him, and I wasn’t making it for anyone else. I felt a great responsibility to get in touch with the person I met and make friends with.”starts counting.

Mighty Productions – Channel 4

“He is very happy with the program and the feedback he has received.”, describes about the French. and Arthur? “See, there are good days and bad days.” Despite the apparent success of the project. “I’ve already received ‘hate mail’ (violent messages of hate and gratuitous threats), but was surprised by the very positive response“, account.

I get letters from people like Anthony Who do not identify with the body they have, who want to make modifications to the body, but are afraid of how people will react, and are afraid of losing their jobs…”, embodied.

Ahtur Bruel explains that the aim of his work is to bring up topics to be thought about, discussed and shared. There are those who liked the documentary and did not agree With the truth that was said there. Conversation is important, but if it helps others, that’s great.”It can be an exercise in empathy, the documentary describes.

(…) There is so much of the world that we do not know or feel. My view of the world has changed.” complete. Arthur Broyle is now recording a project in Scotland – he’s got more in the pipeline – and is consolidating The Black Stranger Project. “The one-hour version may be available on a channel in Portugal.”Expect.

Mighty Productions – Channel 4

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