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Anthony Krigowski asked Jonah Obosta in public.  Surprise his owl!  "Write here from your chronic psychiatric condition" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Anthony Krigowski asked Jonah Obosta in public. Surprise his owl! “Write here from your chronic psychiatric condition” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Jonah Obosta showed a new photo directly from the premiere on Friday. The newly formed mother received an avalanche of compliments, and her partner also took the floor. “Write here from your chronic psychiatric condition” – you can read at some point …

A lot has happened recently in Jonah Obosta. In August, the beautiful actress and Anthony Krikowski said ritual of saying “yes” to each other, and they were hailed as the event of the season! Soon, the first reports of the actress’ pregnancy appeared in the media, which finally confirmed the happy knowledge, while at the same time asking for privacy.

From that moment on, Jonah Obosta avoided the flashes, but a few days ago everything changed; Before the festival weekend, a film directed by Lek Majewski: “Brigitte Bardot Fantastic” had its first scene, and Krigowski’s girlfriend plays a model! Jonah Obosta appears on screen, willingly posing for photos.

A short account of the exit will also appear on the star’s Instagram; The 33-year-old released a selfie she took in the background of a movie poster, and that description refers to her adventure.

Anthony Krigowski comments on Jonah Obosta’s performance on Instagram

In his words, Jonah Obosta happily expressed her opportunity to participate in the work of the film.

I am glad to be a part of this extraordinary project – Agreed in the description.

Internet users who follow the actress ’actions on Instagram also shared their feelings, leaving a trail in the form of comments. Taken by Jonah’s voice; Antek Krigovsky will bet on extraordinary compliments!

A beautiful movie !!! Dear, you know how much I love this movie and your character, but write here from your chronic psychiatric condition: waiting for you, when you appear on screen you will not take yourself magnetically. .

His post was noticed by other web users who cited the actor’s statement:

Antech, you can get compliments,

But dear. Asia, how he loves you!

After this comment, I want to see this picture. I had no choice.

Image: “Brigitte Bardot Wonderful” is a play based on Lek Majewski’s novel: “Pilgrim to Brigitte Bartode Wonderful Cemetery”. In addition to Jonah Obosta, the cast also includes: Veronica Rosadi, Andrzej Krabowski, Eric Lubos, Adam Fidusevich and many more.

An important moment in the life of Jonah Obosta. The actress shared her happiness online

A lot has happened recently in the life of Jonah Obosta. Despite the turmoil of personalities, the beautiful actress did not forget her fans and was in constant contact with them. Now, on Instagram, Anthony Krigowski’s wife shared her happiness.

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