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Anthropic's new AI models are available on Amazon Bedrock

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just announced Anthropic's Claude 3 “family” — a company focused on developing AI models that are safe, useful, understandable, transparent, robust, and aligned with human values ​​(industry-leading in accuracy, performance, speed, and cost) — now available on Amazon Bedrock .

Amazon Bedrock has already given its customers easy and secure access to the widest range of options Large linguistic models High Performance (LLM) and High Performance Basic Models (FM); So they can simply develop and scale generative AI applications. With Anthropic, AWS customers can test, build, and deploy generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications faster; Drive innovation in your companies and reinvent the end user experience. AWS maintains its commitment to investing in the three layers of generative AI: infrastructure, models, and user-oriented applications, which, using Anthropic Claude 3 models, become more efficient, comprehensive, and integrated into organizations.

Anthropic's new additions expand Amazon Bedrock's range of generative AI models (which now includes AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, and Amazon). Artificial intelligence models Enable vision Claude 3 is available in Claude 3 Opus, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Haiku versions. The Opus template and Haiku template will be available on Bedrock in the coming weeks.

Claude 3 models demonstrate advanced intelligence, almost human levels of reaction, greater power, accuracy and new vision functions (they are more efficient at processing various data and image formats – tables, graphs, technical diagrams, photographs and other visual assets).

Data from Anthropic shows that Claude 3 Opus, the most intelligent of this model family, has set a new standard in the fields of reasoning, mathematics, and coding, surpassing currently available models (including GPT-4). Claude 3 Sonnet offers the best combination of skill and speed (it's twice as fast as previous Claude models to manage) Workflow), and with higher levels of intelligence. While the Cloud 3 Haiku, designed to be the fastest compact model on the market — and currently one of the most affordable options for its IQ category — has an almost instantaneous response capability that mimics human interactions.

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Compared to other currently available models, Cloud 3 offers significant improvements in tasks such as programming, and the ability to understand languages ​​other than English (including Spanish, Japanese, and French). It also represents a reduced incidence of perceptual errors and a better ability to follow instructions Multi-stepto understand phonetic guidelines and more efficiently in language classification and sentiment analysis.

AWS and Anthropic highlight the importance of their strategic collaboration by announcing that Anthropic will use AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to develop its models; AWS will be the main provider of clouds Anthropic will invest about US$4 billion in the company.

Through Anthropic, we offer our customers the most advanced generative AI technology, with the advantage of connecting to AWS Tranium“, says Swami Sivasubramanian, AWS Vice President of Data and AI. “Access to Claude via Amazon Bedrock has reached startups, enterprises, and government organizations that have already implemented this tool. The truth is that your true potential is still at an early stage.“, he adds.

Amazon Bedrock customers, more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, of all sizes and in nearly every industry, are developing generative AI applications (for complex reasoning, answering scientific, mathematical, and programming questions) with Claude's traction from Anthropic. We refer to companies such as ADP, Amdocs, Bridgewater Associates, Broadridge, CellcomDigi, Clariant, Cloudera, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Degas Ltd, Delta Air Lines, Druva, Enverus, Genesys, Genomics England, GoDaddy, Happy Fox, Intuit, KT, Or LivTech, Lonely Planet, LexisNexis Legal & Professional, M1 Finance, Netsmart, Nexxiot, Parsyl, Perplexity AI, Pfizer, PGA TOUR, Proto Hologram, Ricoh USA, Rocket Companies or Siemens .

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For example, Pfizer is accelerating the pace of oncology research – collecting relevant data and scientific content in a short time, assessing trends and generating and validating new data – with significantly improved chances of success.

South Korean company KT has developed a service that will be available in schools across the country from March, which records (with prior approval), summarizes and translates calls between teachers, students and parents in real time. This facilitates the procedural work of teachers and gives them the possibility of having more free time to devote to teaching.

Genomics England has created a solution that processes thousands of published studies and has already identified, through its analysis, 20 potential associations between genetic variations and certain medical conditions.

Insurer Parsyl has implemented a solution that allows them to review scattered information, for example, in email attachments and in different formats, and transform it into data that allows them to create risk profiles. These standards, for example, help your customers transporting sensitive and perishable goods reduce waste (food or otherwise) throughout the supply chain.

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