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Antonio Bravo fired from 'Big Brother'

Antonio Bravo fired from 'Big Brother'

aAntonio Bravo was the contestant the public chose to leave “Big Brother – Final Challenge” on Tuesday, February 20.

Already in the studio, Antonio had the opportunity to evaluate this experience, admitting that this time he entered with some “filter”.

“I think it's always worth it [participar]. The truth is, I give myself 100%. “I will not say that I entered this time without a filter, I entered a little bit with a filter, but then things changed and I went on my way.”

He also noted: “I always step in and always do what my heart tells me. It's a scene of taking risks and believing in what I feel.”

He adds: “I may have left now, but I left feeling good because I had a great time this week and I don't think it could have been better.”

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