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Antonio Bravo responds to comments after “mocking” Jacques Costa's appearance

Antonio Bravo responds to comments after “mocking” Jacques Costa's appearance

after Antonio Bravo Share a photo on your Instagram Jack Costa With a scarf at the ceremony Big Brother 2024 On this Sunday, April 14, I write: “The girls from Ribeira do Sado are who they are.”In the caption of the photo, the commentator decided to make a joke with this look. Antonio Bravo appeared additional Big Brother on Monday the 15th, with a scarf on his head, reminding everyone of the look worn by Jacques Costa.

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“Inspiration for today's look,” Antonio Bravo wrote in the caption of the photos in which he appears wearing the scarf.

Although many found the look funny, many criticized the choice, and former Big Brother – Desafio Final contestant did not hold back his words and responded to some.

“It's a tribute to the reapers!! “It's so obvious”, “I can't believe you're saying I'm dressed as a clown!! Oh, you're making fun of me!! You villain… you're old enough to be more sensible”, “Honoring the reapers is unnecessary fun in what!?”, “Antonio owes this!” Antonio owes it! Oh Graca, I already realized that Graca is here and she feels a kind of crush on me, an obsession… I don't know exactly what it is! Do me a favor…leave the store, woman! Go see if the soup is still boiling, get a life, I don't know! What a boring woman”, “It's not a joke…it's a trend”, “It was a very funny scene, and with the current global situation, we were able to have a light moment, where we could laugh”, “Disrespect is just what What I see here is that you are treating Jack as an O… and talking about Jack, who forbade her from wearing anything!?”, these are some of the responses left by Antonio Bravo in the post.

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