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Antonio Carvalho rocks ‘Married at First Sight’: ‘It’s a fake show’

Antonio Carvalho used his social networks to criticize SIC’s “Married At First Sight”. The former contestant of ‘Love Happens’ has no doubts that the look isfake“.

Antonio Carvalho spared no criticism of the new edition of Married at First Sight. The former contestant on “O Amor Happens” was one of the names set to enter this version of SIC’s reality show.

“The big show I was supposed to take part in was: ‘Married at First Sight’. For me it’s a show ‘forged’ [falso]And the So it looks great”fake‘But it is great nonsense, for men say they are open to love (…) and not even a kiss is done on the mouth.‘, he began by saying.

Antonio Carvalho He also criticized competitor Thiago Jaquita, who didn’t take long to get involved with someone else during their honeymoon, and is sure why these newlyweds got involved.

“People go there to be famous. We at Love Happens had kisses, egos… We made more channels. Here it really is”fakeBeen completed.

“A Televisão” channel knows that Antonio has been invited to participate in the second season of “O Amor Happens”, which is scheduled to premiere in June.

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