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Antonio Carvalho was penalized for 'breaking in' Johnny Brandao at the finish line in Fafe

Antonio Carvalho was penalized for ‘breaking in’ Johnny Brandao at the finish line in Fafe

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ntónio Carvalho (Efapel) “covered” Johnny Brandao to prevent the W52-FC Porto rider from reaching Mauricio Moreira

The end of the sixth stage of Volta a Portugal was the scene of a moment of some tension between team members Efapel and W52-FC Porto, as RTP broadcast a “catch” of a much hotter exchange of words between Javier Moreno (Efapel) and Johnny Brandao (W52-FC Porto).

An episode whose origin was a controversy in the last meters in which Mauricio Moreira, of Evabel, was devalued shortly thereafter, in quick interviews. “I can’t talk about what happened, I was running, all the runners were running, at that moment the adrenaline starts. They misunderstand. It’s okay.”

More than eight minutes after Ben King cut the goal in Faye, Mauricio Moreira (Evabel) cut through, while, slightly behind, Antonio Carvalho (Evabel) “Jonny Brandao” came to stop the W52FC rider, and Porto reached Uruguay. .

Evabel’s man deviation from the track led to his relegation to last place in the group, as well as a sensation at the end: Javier Moreno sought out Johnny Brandao, with team members avoiding further damage and misunderstandings to be later remedied in several conversations between the two teams’ elements.

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