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Antonio Ramalho presented the new image of Novo Banco employees – O Jornal Economico

Seven years, two months and 18 days after the birth of Novo Banco following the decision of Banco Espírito Santo (BES), António Ramalho launched the new image, which coincides with the new profitable phase of the bank whose legacy assets dragged its problems, and thus losses, most of which are covered by the capitalization mechanism emergency settlement fund.

To launch Novo Banco’s new image, the foundation led by Antonio Ramalho has booked Campo Pequeno to gather bank staff and some guests to view the reborn phoenix: the new image. Novo Banco has gone from the “futuristic green” that came from BES to turquoise, which is also called coral green.

“It is time to turn this brand into a brand with content,” the CEO said, noting that the Novo Banco brand had been decided by Banco de Portugal on August 3, 2014 to designate a transitional bank and as such everything should be temporary. Antonio Ramalho emphasized that Novo Banco is no longer a white brand but a brand of the future.

We have defied the always impossible and the improbable,” said the banker on the spotlight and music scene. “When in 2017 we started studying the brand, 55% of our customers believed that this brand connected us to the past, and 48% of our wealthy customers [elevado património] Thinking the brand wasn’t trustworthy, 44% of non-clients thought they’d never do business with Novo Banco again, and some wanted to change their brand sooner. There were those who even wanted the best brand, but we resisted that. “You can’t change the brand because you actually change,” said Novo Banco CEO.

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Antonio Ramalho noted that the bank’s life since 2017 “has not been easy.” “We capitalized a bank with a contract that suddenly seemed to have no copyright; we checked in detail; we were the target of some misunderstanding and mistrust,” said the banker who calculates in “2636 days after the decision” and in “1463 days after the sale.” [ao Lone Star]”.

“The brand never deals with the past, it is rather a commitment to the future,” the CEO told his employees assembled in the Campo Pequeno plaza. “It’s not just a colour, it’s an identity and a measure of values,” he said.

“We want partners to build a close relationship,” the bank’s CEO said. Partnerships is a bet on Novo Banco’s management in the new strategic plan that the organization will present by the end of the year. Antonio Ramalho called it Partnership Banking as a counterpoint to conventional banking.

The Novo Banco Digital Team is already working so that it can Application The site is adopting the new layout who was officially born next Monday on the main balcony of Avenida da República.

“We are a bank that knows the cost of risk like everyone else,” said the CEO, who promised an efficient automated response system in the field.