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Antonio Sala drama: He sold bracelets to pay for his house, only lost money at Benfica and now he is hated by SIC and TVI – Nacional

Antonio Sala drama: He sold bracelets to pay for his house, only lost money at Benfica and now he is hated by SIC and TVI – Nacional

Antonio Sala She is celebrating 60 years of her career, and to celebrate this historic date, she has created an exhibition entitled “Antonio Sala – 60 Years of Career”, on display at the Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira. common A unique journey in radio and television, There are things you regret doingeven if they have served to Pay for the new homeUnder the influence of women.

“I learned that There are things that are sometimes done for money that lead to bad results. I was at a good stage in my career and some players from Spain emerged. They came to make me one A suggestion for something I didn't immediately like was advertising some bracelets for everyone to wear. I told them no, but they insisted. I got home and told my wife. We recently bought a house and she said, “Let them pay for the house.” Give them something they will reject. This is what I did. And they accepted. naturally The results were bad for me, because some people were left with the impression that he “knew he was selling something that didn't work.”. And I heard things like: “Look, the other one.” Sinhozinho Malta Portuguese bracelets'. Financially, it was goodbut on the other hand, It's not something I'm proud of“, Antonio Sala admits to “TV 7 Dias”.

In the same interview, Antonio Sala talked about his dreams, more specifically. The first will be hosting the Oscars in Hollywood. The second is to make a movie. The third is to become president of Benfica, the club closest to his heart. “I don't have good memories. At the time, the clubs were living on member fees and promotion, which was in its infancy, did not bring in much money. And I receive an invitation from someone I don't know, Valle and AzevedoThrough a friend who was also part of the management. and say. “I wanted to invite you to be one VP for a very specific area. Benfica must have a TV channel. You have accepted the invitation. Things went well at first, but then… They were starting to go wrong, because the man was paranoid. He was a gentleman, however He wasn't honest. I don't have good experience. I went there because I'm a Benfica fan, but I only lost money with BenficaBecause I was a consensus person and stopped being one.”

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Today, speaking on the program “Estrelas ao Sábado”, on RTP1, the 75-year-old criticizes the current television landscape: “I've submitted two or three projects that were rejected, none of which went to RTP. They went to the two private channels. One of them didn't even give me an answer. “I think it was inelegant…but I don't have the age or the standing to get into the worst-is-better policy.”

Packed, Antonio Sala She regrets that SIC and TVI prefer to focus on reality shows, formats without content, such as “Once Upon a Thursday” and “Big Brother”. “I'm not a big fan. The cult of nothingness is not a thing. The girls there are not dressed from neck to toe. They are the same. The boys there are not chosen for their intelligence, but for their bodies…”