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Antonio Salvador: “Jorge Mendes helped the club grow”

Antonio Salvador: “Jorge Mendes helped the club grow”

SC Braga president highlights the businessman's role in the club's development. Ensures that Cidade Desportiva is the “major competitive advantage” for Arsenal players

At the SC Braga party, Antonio Salvador spoke to the Arsenalista world. Among several topics, the president who has led Braga for 21 years highlighted the importance of “great partner” Jorge Mendes in the club's development and the “competitive advantage” posed by the new Cidade Desportiva.

“No one has more confidence than me in the strength of those who serve the club every day and in supporting our members and fans. This does not mean that SC Braga is an island and that it lives on the margins of those who, not belonging to our heart, can add value to us and be partners in our growth. Over the decades I spent leading the club, Jorge Mendes was someone who, without ceasing to defend his interests, should be publicly referred to as a great partner of Portuguese football and FC Braga. In the field in which he specializes, he is the best. Since I advocate that we must have the best in all areas, I appreciate Jorge Mendes as someone who has helped our club grow and become stronger.”

Regarding the new Sports City of SC Braga, the project started in 2016 and completed in 2023, Antonio Salvador has no doubts: “I remember the day, in 2016, when at the beginning of work on the first phase I referred to the Sports City as the work of the century. Today, as this project approaches completion, I understand the scope of this idea better and feel, with strong conviction, that this is indeed SC Braga's most important and most symbolic work. I have no doubt that Sports City is our great competitive advantage. It symbolizes the independence and independence we have achieved, the result of tremendous teamwork that should fill us all with pride and motivation.

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Two days after winning the League Cup for the third time in Braga's history, President Artur Jorge, winner of the Best Coach of the Year award, did not forget in his speech: “The secret of success is collective, and leadership also has tremendous weight, so it happens. When we bet on Artur Jorge to lead the main team, we realized the passion he has for this club and the work he has done at various levels of the formation, from the U-15 team to the B team, in addition to his association with the club. We got on the podium, he helped us get back into the Champions League, which is why he won the Coach of the Year award and proof of the quality of resources we have at home.

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