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Antonio Salvador on Ricardo Horta and David Carmo: "We hope you'll wear this shirt all season long" - Sp.  Braga

Antonio Salvador on Ricardo Horta and David Carmo: “We hope you’ll wear this shirt all season long” – Sp. Braga

He confirmed that both will present themselves next Monday to work at SP. Braga

On the sidelines of the formalization of the three-year partnership with Moosh, Antonio Salvador addressed the main themes of the market, specifically the greed of Ricardo Horta and David Carmo.

At first he got confused and spoke about Andre instead of Ricardo Horta… “There was a lot of talk I’m tired of hearing about Ricardos this month. Monday will be presented in acts like Carmo, who was in Seleção. A very important player for our club, he will start on Monday work to prepare for the start of a new season, which we hope will be one of great personal and team accomplishments. The club’s all-time leading scorer, we look forward to welcoming him here on Monday after his vacation,” he began by saying.


Antonio Salvador confirms the desire to challenge

He confronted about David Carmo’s profile, in which he expressed his desire to see them in Braga all season. “Horta and Carmo will present their bids on Monday and hopefully they can wear this shirt all season. David and Ricardo are among the best Portuguese players, players for the national team. Whoever wants them will have to pay the real amount. Clubs are used to not give value because of the players in Portugal. It has changed That, and the difference between us and the others is already starting to emerge between these others and the clubs in Europe, so naturally they want to hire the best players in Portugal.”

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“Sp. Braga will not escape the rules described, betting on training. Our team is closed, if no one leaves, no one will enter. Only if someone leaves, we will hire, at the moment things are practically closed,” said Antonio Salvador.

“Sp. Braga should always sell, operating income does not cover costs and we have to sell assets every year. In this market or in the next market it will have to sell for the year starting today. The advantage is always moving forward with the previous year’s resolution. Let’s wait for what the summer tells us. Then we have time to work, earn and value our assets.”

by Diogo Matos


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