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Antonio Salvador: «We have already discussed the title with Benfica and it is known why we did not win» - Sp.  Braga

Antonio Salvador: «We have already discussed the title with Benfica and it is known why we did not win» – Sp. Braga

Head Sp. Braga remembers second place in the 2009/10 season, right behind the Eagles

After finishing Season 4 last season, Antonio Salvador wants to raise the bar in 2022/23. “It’s always a better performance than we did. I told our coach that we won the League Cup and the Portuguese Cup. We want to perform better than last year and, therefore, reclaim one of these two titles. In addition to the appreciation of our players.”, said the head of Sp. Braga in an interview with Canal 11. Antonio Salvador once again emphasized the need to change the competitive framework, in order to leave clubs with a better quality of football. “Where would we be without having to sell? We are working towards more competitive and sustainable football so that we do not have to rely so much on player sales. Today, it is difficult for a club in Portugal to be in the final. From European competition. Competitive frameworks, so that you do not have to Clubs have to rely on player sales. This is not only with Sp. Braga, but with Benfica, FC Porto or Sporting.” Salvador believes that Sp. Braga will be able to fight for the title soon. “If I didn’t think it wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be here in SP. Braga. I think things are very difficult with the current model, but that’s not what makes you win matches. We were already second in third, we were discussing the title to the end with Benfica It is known why we did not win at that time, ”recalls the Arsenal captain, stressing that there was another moment when the club could have reached the top again: “It was the year to the end, then it was not so much. But there is a year in the year The next in which we can be champions or fight to go to the Champions League. When Ruben Amorim came in. If he stays here, with this team, we will fight for the title or for the Champions League.”

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Amorim’s departure to Sporting was a process to remember again, this time succinctly: “It wasn’t an easy exit. In the first meeting I said there were no conditions, then 15 days later I had to inform Ruben Amorim. He paid the condition I wanted to go to Sporting. If I didn’t pay I’ll stay here. At first I didn’t believe it, then when they came, they had to pay. It wasn’t good at the time. With VAT or without VAT? Doesn’t it matter. That everything was gone and it was already paid for” .

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