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Antonis cries at Sporting's farewell and Amorim admits: "He was the man who cost me the most" - Sporting

Antonis cries at Sporting’s farewell and Amorim admits: “He was the man who cost me the most” – Sporting

The sideman goes to Paços de Ferreira but says he’s never felt so good as in Alvalade

Sporting posted a farewell video on social networks by Antonis who, a register Advanced, finished with the Lions and signed today for Pacos de Ferreira. The left-back was stirred up in the dressing room, and tears soon erupted as Ruben Amorim admitted how special he was.

“Now you guys, we’re here to say goodbye to Vitorino. And it was the guy who cost me the most. Thanks for everything, Vitorino. You’re a special guy and all you need… Only if you don’t want to, okay?”, admitted the coach in the bathroom.


Praise also came from Hugo Viana. “Everything we’ve won since you’ve been here and everything we can win this year, and all the accomplishments we might have, will be very much your fault. You’ve been one of the great pillars, and an example for professionals to all,” the sport’s director said, as Captain Coates continued: You were a player who always conveyed positive things to the group. If you played, if you didn’t… you always worked with the group.”

The defender admitted that this was the best dressing room he’s been in, before breaking down in tears: “I’ve been on other teams for many years, in other groups, and I’ve never felt as good as I’ve been here. I’ve met amazing people here, all of you. My teammates.. .”

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